Navigating ‘conflict of interest’ issues in thin markets

Click here to download Navigating ‘conflict of interest’ issues in thin markets Published October 2020 The Commonwealth Government perceives a conflict of interest occurring in instances where Aboriginal community controlled organisations (ACCOs) provide aged care assessments to Aboriginal Elders and, subsequently, also provide aged care services to the same Elders. This may include ACCOs directly referring Elders to their own … Read More

Our Care Our Way: Background paper

Click here to download the Background Paper. Published April 2020 The purpose of this paper is to articulate the perspective of the NAGATSIAC on how the aged care system redesign, currently underway by the Commonwealth Government, can incorporate mechanisms and policies that would: improve Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians’ access to appropriate aged care services provide safeguards within the … Read More

Our Care, Our Way, Our Future: Transforming Care Pathways

Click here to download Our Care, Our Way: Transforming Care Pathways for Indigenous Elders Published April 2020 This paper is about how to make the commitment to better outcomes real, through seeking the wisdom of, and giving legitimate voice and choice to, our Elders. Critically, it places community in the driver’s seat and is community-led every step of the way. … Read More