Submission: Aged Care Act Exposure Draft

NATSIAACC is advocating for changes to the proposed Aged Care Act to achieve better outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders and older people. The Federal Government is developing a new Aged Care Act, which is a major chance to shape the aged care system to meet the diverse needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. The Government … Read More

Submission on new Aged Care Act

NATSIAACC has made a submission to the Department of Health and Aged Care on A New Aged Care Act: the foundations, Consultation paper No. 1.  NATSIAACC is recommending cultural safety is an end-to-end requirement in the new Aged Care Act. Importantly, with respect to the age of eligibility for aged care services, NATSIAACC strongly objected to the removal of flexibility … Read More

Submission: IHACPA Pricing Framework for Residential Aged Care

The Independent Healthcare and Aged Care Pricing Authority (IHACPA) recently sought feedback and comment on a pricing framework for Australian residential aged care services. NATSIAACC developed a submission based on research and feedback from NATSIAACC members. This covers cultural safety, AN-ACC and NATSIFACP systems, and other matters relating to the future pricing model. The entire submission is available here: NATSIAACC submission … Read More

Position statement: Voice to Parliament referendum

As the national peak body for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ageing and aged care in Australia, NATSIAACC believes that having an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice enshrined in Australia’s Constitution is critical to addressing the health and wellbeing inequalities that continue to devastate Australia’s First Nations peoples. NATSIAACC’s position statement is available in full here: NATSIAACC Voice position statement … Read More

Submission: Draft principles – Aged Care Taskforce

The Aged Care Taskforce is reviewing funding arrangements for aged care, and developing options for a system that is fair and equitable for everyone in Australia. The Taskforce recently sought feedback on a set of proposed Principles to inform this work. NATSIAACC has developed feedback, based on research and engagement with NATSIAACC members. NATSIAACC’s submission, in summary is essentally that … Read More

Submission: A new model for regulating aged care

NATSIAACC has developed a submission regarding the proposed new model to regulate aged care. This submission was based on research and engagement with NATSIAACC members. NATSIAACC makes the following recommendations: We recommend that cultural safety is incorporated end-to-end in the new regulatory model, and as a core element. We recommend that further flexibility for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander providers … Read More

Submission: Exposure Draft to set up Inspector-General of Aged Care

The Federal Government recently sought feedback on the Exposure Draft of a Bill to set up the Inspector-General of Aged Care.  NATSIAACC is advocating that the Inspector-General of Aged Care role be set up in ways that best support a culturally safe and revamped aged care system, with new complaints and quality assurance processes.   In NATSIAACC’s view, the Exposure Draft … Read More

Our Care, Our Way, Our Future 5 year Plan


This is a five-year strategy, demonstrating how a new Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander aged care system could be established, with 8 priorities for reform.

Members Charter


This document outlines the principles of membership, code of conduct, obligations, and communication protocol.

NATSIAACC Constitution

Click here to download the NATSIANATSIAACC ConstitutionACC Constitution.