Our Care, Our Way, Our Future: Transforming Care Pathways

Click here to download Our Care, Our Way: Transforming Care Pathways for Indigenous Elders

Published April 2020

This paper is about how to make the commitment to better outcomes real, through seeking the wisdom of, and giving legitimate voice and choice to, our Elders. Critically, it places community in the driver’s seat and is community-led every step of the way.

Aligning with key priorities identified in the Aged Care Royal Commission’s Interim Report, it sets out a transformational blueprint for three targeted and priority care pathways:

  1. Pathways to access and assessment
  2.  Pathways to home care
  3. Pathways to hostel care

It embraces good practices where these already exist but seeks to ensure they are broadened to become usual practice in the way Australia supports its Indigenous Elders.

This is not another policy framework. Rather, it is an immediate ‘call to action’ for government to give Indigenous people control of the decisions that affect the lives of their Elders – to invest in, and transfer decision-making power to, community controlled organisations to take the lead and pilot these care pathways. It is about improved outcomes that can be achieved by Indigenous people through self-determination, sustaining their cultures and
maintaining connections to community.

It is about Our Care. Our Way.

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